District 5690 and District 5670 have been working for more than one year on merging the two districts to form the new District 5680 as of July 1, 2019. The committee assigned to work out the details of the merger has completed a large amount of work. Chaired by District 5670 DG Andrea Krauss and District 5690 PDG Curtis Dick, the committee was tasked with finding consensus on bylaws, committee formation, district conference timing, whether or not to incorporate the new district, resolving differences in budgeting between the two districts, and more.

The merger committee has had equal representation from both districts in attendance at each meeting, including DGE Kurt Harper (from current D5690) and DGN Dana Brewer (from current D5670), PDGs and others from both districts, and the Executive Secretary/Treasurer Kent Erb. Much of their work will be presented and voted upon at the 2018 district conference to be held in Russell, Kansas October 19 and 20.