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Greetings and Welcome to District 5680!

Fred Heismeyer
District Governor 2021-2022
Greetings Rotarians,

WE ARE CALLED TO SERVE TO CHANGE LIVES! This is a wonderful goal, but no one Rotarian can fully accomplish this alone. Each Rotarian and each Rotary Club are a piece of a worldwide puzzle; each piece representing our efforts to change lives in our local communities. This worldwide puzzle includes the edges (the foundation of Rotary), the box with the completed picture of the puzzle (our vision and goals of RI, our district, and your club), pieces grouped together indicating similarities (organization and support of RI, our district and your club), the different images within the completed picture (promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion), and those small, hard to place pieces (our collective difficult, hard to solve challenges in meeting local and global needs). However, the puzzle will remain unfinished, and pieces scattered across the table, if we do not see the big picture and take the initiative to act.

For the past 116 years Rotary has been steadily putting pieces of this global puzzle together. We have added clubs in over 200 countries, we continue to work hard building an inclusive organization, and we have found a place for those hard to fit pieces of the puzzle like eradicating Polio, building infrastructure in areas where none exist, and helping to educate the world on why peace is so very important. However, more pieces continue to be identified for which we need to find the right fit, such as the ongoing effort to stop the global spread of COVID-19, balancing our desires for positively changing lives in our communities and around the globe and the available time and financial resources of Rotarians and clubs, and expanding opportunities for individuals to join us in putting this puzzle together.

CONTINUE TO CONTRIBUTE – sit at the table, pick up a piece of the puzzle, find the right fit and pick up another. Our district leadership team challenges each District 5680 Rotarian to act! “Together, we can see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.”

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