Bring a smile to your community!

A “kit of smiles” is available to every Rotary Club in Kansas and the Oklahoma Panhandle. Kits are being distributed in February to the District 5680 clubs with hopes they can find their way to various locations in your communities. The kits are designed to be an easy project to manage that can serve multiple purposes – limited only by your club’s creativity.
The 10 round smiley signs have a Rotary wheel on the other side. Place them so both sides can be seen from different angles. One of the 2 rectangle signs will help further identify Rotary. The other has Sharing Smiles (the title of the project) on one side and Vaccines Save Lives on the other. This can help draw awareness to the current campaign for the COVID vaccine as well as the Polio Plus program Rotary has supported for years. There are two Rotary branded masks equipped with binder clips so you can add a mask to a couple of the signs and place them near the vaccine sign if you wish. You can decide how to best use these signs, but they create a significant impact if they’re all used together and then moved from time to time to a new location.
Please share your ideas for how to use the signs as well as your photos and we’ll add them to this page. When you post your pictures on social media, please use #RotarySharingSmiles. To help you get started, see the resources links. The Press Release is a Word file you can download and edit to reflect your club’s specifics. The PowerPoint presentation includes notes so you can present it to your club to help explain the project. Sharing Smiles contact is DeAnn Sullivan at or 316-841-0652.

This project was supported by a grant from the Kansas Leadership Center.

COVID-19 Update (3/10/21)
Dr. Marci Nielen, Chief Advisor for COVID-19 Coordination for the State of Kansas presented the most up-to-date information regarding vaccines, vaccinations and distribution strategies within the State of Kansas.  We recommend using this video to help further educate your club’s members, community leaders and citizens of your community. 


DeAnn Sullivan
(316) 841-0652.